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Welcome to UK's largest webshop with cheap sunglasses.

It makes me very happy that you are visiting our Webshop. We are known for our fast service and delivery. We wish for nothing more than happy and satisfied customers. We have spent a while on our webshop and kan now offer an easy, safe and user friendly experience with UK's largest selection for UK's cheapest prices, without comprimising the Quality of your product.

We are always ready to help you out

You are always free to contact us via mail at: or call our support line at: +4560777732

Who is Sunlooper?

Sunlooper is owned by Anne Marie Petersen and is operated by the company

After years of experience in sunglasses, we decided to set up shop selling sunglasses and accessories.
In 2006 we decided to go online with the biggest sunglasses webshop, to be able to give our customers desired products on the internet.

The company's legal name is, CVR: 30 12 72 93 / Corporate form: Proprietorship, Anne Marie Petersen.

Why you should shop at Sunlooper

We think that you should compare our prices and selection with some of our competitors, you will find that we are number one in all areas.
  • Cheapest prices

  • Largest selection

  • Cheapest shipping

  • Best service

  • Quickest turnaround

We look forward to doing buisness with and give you a safe and successful shopping experience on the web. Happy shopping.

The team behind Sunlooper

Anne Marie Petersen -
Anne Marie Petersen
"Boss" and buyer

The title is mine, and I'm proud of our little enterprise that has grown big and strong. I love sunglasses and I'm a massive fan of the indispensable accessory that we all need nearly all year round. Men, woman, children and adults. - We got it! My passion reflects our fantastic selection of sunglasses/glasses. You can pretty much find any style or model that fits the current trends. There would be no Sunlooper without my lovely team - Sunglasses to the people <3

Kristian Falkenberg -
Kristian Falkenberg
"2. Boss" and the computer nerd

Without him, no sunglasses!!!
Kristian is the brain beind the amazing website, he works all the time to make our website even better, safer and user friendly for you as a customer. He may not be the best fashion expert, but he is a fantastic computer expert ;o)
He is also a fan of sunglasses and is quite good looking too, that is why we have decided to marry each other and have two children ;o)

Luna Åkerlund - Daily management, support and stock.
Luna Åkerlund
Daily management, support and stock.

Without her, no sunglasses either.
Luna is the wind in the sails, she is our supergirl making sure that everything is always in supply. Luna loves sunglasses, that's why she works with daily management and she's really god at it. She makes sure your orders get sent as quickly as possible and with a touch of love. She also works with online customer support, so if you were to experience any problems or have any questions, then it would be Luna you'd need to reach. She is quick, professional and extremely sweet!

Rubina Sonnberger Huang - Daily management og stock.
Rubina Sonnberger Huang
Daily management og stock.

Without Rubina, guess what...? - No sunglasses either.
Rubina is another supergirl. She makes sure that everything's in stock and that your order gets sent off to you as fast as possible. None of our customers should have to wait longer for no reason.
Rubina is also super sweet and cheery and loves sunglasses just as much as the rest of us.


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