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Which sunglasses suit me? Find your face shape

It's hard to guide you towards buying the sunglasses that suit you best, but we have made some tools that can help you onto the right path.

Which sunglasses suit me?

Solbriller rund hovedformRound face
If you have a round face with soft lines with the cheekbone as the widest feature, then you should go for a rectangular and narrow frame with the rods placed higher up, it will make your face look narrower and longer that makes your face perceived as longer and narrower which suit round faces. Choose glasses with sharp angles to attract attention to the upper parts of your face. The frame lengthens the face and gives it angles. You should therefore, avoid large, round and square frames that make your face look more round.

Sunglasses Oval faceOval face
If you have an oval face, and the jaw is slightly narrower than the forehead then you have the ideal face shape as you can use almost all models. A good idea is to choose a model that fits the facial size. Rectangular or butterfly-shaped models will suit you best, to create clearer angles of the face. Let the frame be as wide as the widest part of your face

Square face
Square face If you have a square face,where the jaw, cheekbones and forehead are the same width, then your jaw will appear pronounced. Here you can soften angular features and make your jaw appear narrower by selecting a model where the bulk of the frame is on top and then slopes down to the chin.
Half round, cat's eye-shaped / cat eye or oval frames fit square faces because they make them softer and create curves.
You must avoid the very angular models that are straight along the bottom and the perfectly round frame, as they will highlight the pronounced jaw.

Triangular / heart-shaped faceTriangular / heart-shaped face
Do you have a triangular / heart-shaped face with a narrow jaw and pronounced forehead, then you probably have a smaller face aswell. Here it is a good idea to create a wider jaw. It may be advantageous to select models with soft shapes with down-lines to soften the lines of your face. Butterfly-shaped, cat's eye-shaped / cat eye or round frames will be a good choice, they make the lines softer and suitable for heart-shaped faces. Glasses without a frame fits well.
A large frame on the other hand, would seem too dominant for your face.

Narrow / Rectangular face Narrow / Rectangular face
If you have a long and narrow face, then you should select a model that suits your facial width. A good choice could be larger, square or pilot / aviator shaped models that bring balance to a rectangular face. Just make sure that the arms are sitting in the middle of the frame as arms that sit low on the frame draw the face downwards.
The face can be made shorter by having the bulk of the frame on the exterior, preferably in a straight line. With a narrow face, it would be best to avoid small glasses.