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Don't be nervous when shopping at Sunlooper. We are also consumers who shop online and we of all people know that it is very important to feel safe when shopping online.
We present all our sunglasses and glasses with great pictures showing the model as it is, with a good descriptive text and of course measurements for all models. We are known and praised for our super good and fast service. We receive many orders every day and send our orders ALL weekdays.
If the product does not live up to your expectations, then there's always a 14 day return policy, where we refund your money to the account it was sent from. We always hope to be able to do business with you again.
We have UK's biggest and best selection of cheap sunglasses for almost all audiences. Our range is wide and we can amlost always match your wants and needs.

None of our customers should feel cheated or mistreated. We are only interested in happy and satisfied customers, that's why we're always ready to help and answer questions. Write an email or call us.